Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Splendor of Utah

While we've been waiting, we figured we would get in some quality ski time, considering that we live in the heart of ski country!
Not only was it great to get out and enjoy the sun and snow, but we thought it might get our mind off of wondering when that highly anticipated call would come! Of course, that worked for a few minutes, then we noticed all the "little ones" on the hill and alas...our discussions of teaching our "little guy" how to ski began! I guess you never can escape the desire for a wee one.
Yes...we've even looked at ski equipment for our little guy. I suggested that we just rent until he gets older...Mike informed me (rather quickly and emphatically), "that will not happen...our baby will have his own ski equipment!" (And knowing Mike it will most likely be the top of the line!)

We've been holding off on posting on our blog, thinking that we'd have something to post about soon. Still status quo! The good news...another family ahead of us accepted a referral to Vlad and they are traveling in March. That means we've moved up the list! We are thinking that we are 2nd on the list now. That is encouraging! I've been on my school break for the last 4, I figure, we'll get the call next week, when I have to go back to work. Just in case, I've typed up all my Substitute plans! As my rep at our agency says...there is a baby out there for us, it's just when HE is ready!