Saturday, February 28, 2009

Papa the Hero

They say there are only two kinds of people in an emergency situation, those who help and those who don't. You never really know which one you are until you are presented with an emergency situation. Mike proved that not only is he one that helps, but he runs to the emergency.

We were enjoying our last day on the beach before we had to pack to leave. The beach was lined with red flags, which means swimming. We were enjoying the sun and listening to the huge waves crash. Tom and Marissa said they were heading back to the condo to get ready and Mike said we were staying another 15 minutes. Just after Tom and Marissa walked away, I heard someone yell "help" and I asked Mike if he heard it. We looked down into the surf and saw two people way out in the big surf. Then we both heard the yell for help again. Within seconds Mike threw his hat and glasses off, while I yelled at him "Don't go, don't go!" Mike said "I can't just leave them" and he was off running 100 yards down the beach and jumped in swimming out to help.

He swam out to the crashing waves and grabbed the woman from her husband and started swimming back to shore. He kept telling her "Hold on, help is coming". Another man on the beach had swam out to help, as well. Finally, lifeguards arrived and threw a buoy out. Mike got the buoy to the woman and pulled her in. I was on the beach panicking and crying. I couldn't see that Mike had made it back to the beach. Tom and Marissa had heard the screams and came back to see what was happening. They told me that they saw Mike and he was okay and they came and grabbed Bradyn. The lifeguard came over and shook Mike's hand. The woman that Mike saved came over to us and thanked Mike and apologized to me. Everyone was safe, although extremely fatigued and waterlogged.

Luckily, through all of this, Bradyn was oblivious to what happened, even though the rest of us were shaken up. It was a slow walk back to our beach chairs and once there, all the bystanders applauded Mike. Bradyn can be proud that his papa is a hero.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Where's the Water?

Bradyn thinks he's the king of the beach, he has studied every inch of it! The truth of the matter is...if you are basing this on looks, he truly is the King of the Beach! Well, our little King of the Beach stumbled upon this jetski and realized it is like a motorcycle for the water! So, of course, he had to get on it and the engine revving sounds started coming!! Don't worry Oombas...the jetski never left the sand!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Surfer Dude

Ready for the surfboard!


Hola from Cancun! We decided that, not only did Mike and I need some rest and relaxation but, Bradyn needed to experience the Ocean! So, here we are in Mexico soaking up the rays with our friends Tom and Marissa (well, some of us soaked up a little more rays than the rest…Tom is now called “Lobster Boy”).
Getting here was a bit of a stress…Bradyn started crying when we were heading down the tunnel to get on the plane, not sure if it brought back memories… Once we were in flight, he did great, and I think he may have actually enjoyed it! While we were in the air, I was trying to get him to say hola, but it didn’t happen. We landed and when we got in the taxi, the taxi driver said “Hola!” and clear as day, Bradyn said “Hola” back to him! He continues to impress the locals with his Spanish speaking abilities! Bradyn loves the sand, surf, pool, and has no fear! He isn’t too fond of the bus though…go figure, since all he talks about back home is the bus!! But when he is on the beach, there is no stopping him! He had his first taste of the sand (literally), as well as, a couple of face plants into it! So much fun in the sun!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One Happy Valentine

Bradyn's Valentine's day was similiar to lasted over several days with lots of gifts from Oompa's and Oomba's (Grandpa's and Grandma's)! He has figured out what "presents" are and now when he sees a wrapped present, he points to it and says "Oompa, Oomba!" This holiday was a special one for us, considering this holiday is all about LOVE and this little guy is LOVED!! Not only did Bradyn get a lot of love for Valentine's Day, but he also indulged in chocolate! Yep...we paid the price come bed time!! And the numerous poopka diapers the following day!! All worth it though, to see that precious smile!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Bradyn's Synonyms

Bradyn's vocabulary is developing quite well, but we are learning some very interesting synonyms he has created. Here's the list:
Clock = Neck
Cheeks = Jeep
Hockey = Yucky
Mouse = Mouth = Couch
Elbow = Elmo
Yes, we discovered these in the following way...every time we say "where's your neck?" he points to his neck and then the clock...mmm?? Or if he sees a clock, he points to his neck. Then whenever he sees a jeep (he can spot them a mile away!), he grabs his cheeks. When he sees hockey on the tv, he makes his yucky face...not because he doesn't like hockey! When we see a picture of a mouse, he points to his mouth. When he sees a picture of Elmo, he points to his elbow. As an educator, this is exciting, as this is an example of some very early stages of phonemic a parent, it is quite confusing, but so adorable!!

One of Bradyn's favorite games to play is Boo! Basically, it is a hide-n-seek game. We chase him or he chases us and then we hide, when we are spotted, we say boo! When he plays the game with Papa, I help him out by pointing to where Papa is. Now, he has learned this, he will look to me and point questioning where Papa is. He has also noticed that when Mama and Papa play around the island in the kitchen, we have to duck down so he can't see us. So, of course, Bradyn has to duck now too! Failing to realize he is too short that he doesn't need to duck! Too cute!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

A Weekend of FIrsts...

Bradyn's first "American" haircut. He wasn't quite sure why he was sitting in only his diaper, and he wasn't quite sure what was falling on his shoulders, but Bradyn took no time at all to enjoy his first haircut. It probably helped that Aunt Jody is one of his favorite people and she was the one cutting his hair. He did so good and sat relatively still for it! I had to laugh at one point though, because his hair looked just like Jim Carey in Dumb and Dumber. But look at the final handsome!!! I will miss those baby curls, but I collected them for keepsake!

Bradyn's First Superbowl...well, he stuffed himself on munchies, just like everyone else on Superbowl Sunday! We had friends over to watch the big event and Bradyn spent his time doing everything EXCEPT for watching the game. At one point, he attempted to woo one of the little girls that was visiting by trying to kiss her. Yes, he is quite the charmer! Well, the Superbowl is over and even though the Packers weren't even close to being in it this year, we are ready for football season next year! Go Packers!