Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Here Comes Peter Cottontail...

Yes, Easter is over but Bradyn loves this song!   He sings it when going to sleep, when he wakes up, and throughout the day.  Our favorite part is when he says "hoppin down the bunny chwail".  When we ask him what songs he sang at daycare, he inevitably says....Peter Cottontail.  I guess the thrill of Easter can last a little longer, especially since Bradyn still talks about Frankenstein, even though Halloween is long past!
We had a lot of fun this Easter.  It began with the Easter Bunny visiting Bradyn's daycare.  Reports indicate that the door opened and all the toddlers in Bradyn's class ran towards the Easter Bunny...except for Bradyn, he ran the other direction and started filling his Easter basket with goodies!  He collected so many goodies, that his teacher had to divide them up with the other kids. 

We celebrated Easter at Grandma and Grandpa Taresh's house.  Bradyn said that the Easter Bunny brings money...what?  How does he even know what money is?   Well, he was right the easter eggs were filled with lots of coins!  Bradyn loved looking for the eggs, but in true Bradyn form, he was really excited to find a basketball that was laying in the yard...and better still...Grandpa's riding lawn mower!