Thursday, July 24, 2008

Last Documents Sent Off!!

I noticed that our last post was almost a month ago!! It's not that we've taken a break from blogging, but we have actually been SO busy!! Once we returned from Russia, I had my last week of school...complete with field trips, report cards, and all! The very next weekend we were off again to celebrate my niece's wedding...congratulations Christina and Sean! Then I had to prepare for my new class, since I teach at a year round school. We had our 1st day of school on Monday this week, and then back to school night the very next night (on my birthday no less)! Mike has been busy with work also and even had to travel to Colorado.

During all of this, we were in a mad rush to get the final documents done for adopting Brady...fingerprinting with the FBI, fingerprinting with the State Police, Psychological evaluation (567 questions!), Physician's evaluation, the deed to our house, and countless other documents that prove we exist and how, where, when, and why we exist! After 3 weeks of collecting these documents, getting them notarized and running back and forth to the State Capitol to get them apostilled we finally have it all completed! Our package of papers was mailed off yesterday!! I have a feeling that the people at the State Capitol will miss us, as well as our pocketbook!!

The next steps with our package...our agency sends it to Russia where it will be interpreted. Our contact in Russia compiles everything with the documents they have to do in Russia. Once it is complete it is assigned to a judge, who reviews the documents and requests new documents if any are wrong or expired. Hopefully all of our documents are perfect. If the judges thinks everything looks good, then they assign a court date. Then we get the call to come back. We could have anywhere from 2 weeks to 1 month notice to get tickets and visas once the date is assigned. So, when will that call come? Back to the waiting game again....they told us the minimum wait is 2 months from when we were there. So, we already have 1 month, 3 days, and counting under our belts. We hope it comes soon! If our wait is long, we will have to re-do some documents, as they expire and are only valid for 3 months! We will wait as long as it takes though because Brady is worth it!