Monday, June 29, 2009

Bradyn's Big Birthday Bash!

He's 2! He's 2!! Yes, our baby turned 2 years old and to celebrate we held a big birthday bash...this was his first "American" birthday celebration, so we had to make it extra special! We began by inviting our family and friends. Then the decorations...we had a Mickey Mouse celebration and Mickey himself attended (okay, maybe just the balloon version of Mickey, but Mickey nonetheless).

We decided to have the party when he woke up from his nap, so that we could decorate while he was sleeping and then he could be surprised. Well, his nap was a short-lived one and once he came downstairs he wanted to start in on the festivities...even though most of the guests had not arrived. Here he is trying to open his presents and the party hadn't even started yet:

We finally lured him outside to detain him until people could arrive.

Finally, the bouncy house we ordered arrived and the set up of it had Bradyn mesmerized and a bit scared. As a matter of fact, he never got in the bouncy house...luckily the other kids were thrilled by it and they were entertained all afternoon!

Then the gift opening began...paused...began again...paused...and began again. I say this, because Bradyn had to get each gift out of the packaging and play with it before the next gift was opened...needless to say it took a long time!! You can tell that family and friends know him so well...he LOVED every gift and now we need to get a new house with a 3 car garage, just to fit all of his new vehicles, sports equipment, and art supplies!

After a bit of dinner (and a diaper change), we moved on to the Mickey Mouse birthday cake! Bradyn was SO excited and he even blew out his candles! He thoroughly enjoyed his cake, so much that he forgot about his fork and hands and did a face plant bite into the frosting!

The long day ended with a very happy (and a bit overwhelmed) baby sleeping peacefully. The next day was like a party all over again as he discovered and played with all his new toys! Thanks everyone for making Bradyn's 2nd Birthday so special!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Do You Know the Muffin Man?

Here's our little Muffin Man with his first baking experience. He is such a great helper and we made yummy banana bread. Then I found out that at daycare today, he made cupcakes for his birthday! I guess we have a little cook on our hands!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Like Father, Like Son

Happy Father's Day!! Yay, we get to celebrate Papa!! And if we didn't have Bradyn, we wouldn't be able to do that!!! Mike is a wonderful father...sweet, caring, kind, fun, and the list goes on! The look that is on Bradyn's face when he sees his Papa is a testament to the kind of father Mike is!! And when Bradyn doesn't see his Papa, he's always asking for him! We've waited a long time to be parents and I always knew that fatherhood would suit Mike perfectly! Now that he is a father, he has not only stepped into that role, but embraced and flourished in it! Bradyn is blessed to have Mike as his Papa and I'm blessed to have him as my husband! Happy Father's Day Mike, we love you!

And of course, Mike has a wonderful role model, his Dad! Happy Father's Day Dave (Oompa), we love you!

And my Dad has always been my inspiration and rock! Happy Father's Day Dad (Oompa), we love you, too!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Look Out Brett

Will Brett Farve be seeking the quarterback position for the Green Bay Packers in the year 2028 or will he finally retire? Well, all we have to say is look out Brett...Bradyn Lee is getting ready! Go Green Bay or as Bradyn says "GO Gogoomba!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


It's hard to believe that a month has gone by without me posting! Time flies when you are having fun and when you are sick. Bradyn seems to be building his immune system. After he finishes one daycare cold, he gets another!! In the meantime, we have had the chance to provide Bradyn with some more "firsts".

He went to his first baseball game. He didn't realize that he was supposed to sit and watch the game, he thought he was supposed to climb on the chairs and run around the bleachers. In his typical fashion, he enjoyed the ball park foods.

Bradyn went on his first overnight camping trip. He had a great time! He loved playing in the dirt, exploring, and throwing rocks in the river.

And of course...he had to enjoy his first S'more with his friends Anika and Kendal.

And we have another big first coming up soon! Bradyn will be having his very first American birthday party to celebrate him turning 2!!