Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Monkey in a Tree

This little monkey loves climbing palm trees!!  He also loves swimming in the swimming pools and the ocean (with Mama or Daddy holding him, of course).  We had such a whirlwind of a month in February.

It all began with my beautiful niece getting married to her handsome groom and Bradyn was one of the charming ringbearers.  He was rather precious, interrupting the ceremony to yell out to Grandma and blowing her a kiss, I think everyone's heart melted.  Then he proceeded to stomp on the petals that the sweet flower girls had placed so gently on the ground.  His fellow ringbearer, and partner in crime, Jo, tried to get him to move back beside him instead of standing BETWEEN the bride and groom, (yes... I was panicking the whole time).  Bradyn would have nothing to do with it though and continued to ignore Jo.  Thankfully he managed to walk down the aisle without losing the rings.  And I guess it doesn't matter what you do when you look this handsome....

Our weekend continued to get even better with the big SUPERBOWL win from our very own GREEN BAY PACKERS!  We have definitely been relishing it.  Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures of us during the game, as I was a little out of it from being sick. 

There was no time for laying around being sick because the very next day after the Superbowl we got on an airplane and flew to the beautiful Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic.  We met our friends Tom and Marissa there.  It was absolutely heavenly.
  Bradyn loved the water, but I think he may have loved Tom and Marissa more.  He definitely charmed Marissa winning her over.  Her favorite quote of the vacation was when Bradyn said to her "Excuse me, Marissa, you have to try this donut.  It is so delicious".  
People got around using golf carts and whenever B saw one, he would make Tom get in and ride with him and they would "golf".  According to Bradyn, his shots landed on the green and poor Tom's shots always ended up in the bushes. 

We truly relaxed and enjoyed ourselves, lounging around everyday with nothing to do but eat and drink and soak up the rays. 

We are already looking forward to returning next year, Bradyn has decided that he is going to pet the dolphins that we saw at Ocean World.