Sunday, March 28, 2010

What Happened?

The title of this post is appropriate for several reasons...
1.  That is Bradyn's FAVORITE phrase!!  Not only does he ask it once, or even twice, but MANY MANY times per minute, per hour, per day!  It doesn't really matter what happened...he just has to ask it.  And then when something REALLY does happen...he is thrilled that his favorite question works!
2.  What happened to blogger world?  It's been so long since I've created a post that I had no idea what to do because the formatting of things has changed!
3.  What happened...or what's been happening in our world that has kept us from posting?  Well, many things, but one has been laundry!!  Yes, laundry duty has turned into a 24 hour cycle.  One of the biggest reasons is that Bradyn just keeps growing!!  So, we are constantly in need of longer pants!  I am not a summer person, but I look forward to summer so B can wear shorts!!  Also, daycare has said that Bradyn is ready for full-time potty training.  So, we are full-time in cute boy undies.  With the accidents, the washer is constantly going.  He is doing really great though!!  He rarely has accidents and has decided that he LOVES standing up to pee!
   The lastest thing... We put Bradyn on skis!!  He LOVES it!  He was a little frustrated that we wouldn't let him go to the TOP of the mountain or off the edge of the little hill we were on!  He calls himself Shaun White.  He wants to do flips and twists like Shaun, so Mike has to hurdle Bradyn in the air with little skis kicking him in the face!

We went to Mexico again this year.  Bradyn had a blast and remembered the ocean, beach, and sand.  This year was much more relaxing though...Bradyn realized that you can sit and play in the sand, instead of running up and down the beach like he did last year.  (It was also probably more relaxing for mom and dad, because we have 15 months of parenting under our belts!) 
We also made a trip back to Wisconsin to see Grandma Lee...she broke her ankle/leg!  Now both Grandmas are having a hard time walking!!  It was nice to get back there, since we didn't go at Christmas!  Luckily both Grandmas are healing well and will hopefully be chasing Bradyn again soon!