Friday, July 10, 2009

Journeys with a Jeep

It's no secret that Bradyn loves jeeps. From the moment we landed in the States, he's been able to spot them a mile away! His obsession with jeeps has even made Mike and me question whether or not we should trade our car in for one. I guess when you are constantly forced to look for jeeps, you start thinking "hey that one is cute" or "oooh, I like that color". Therefore, it made sense that his first birthday gift from us should be a jeep. We would have preferred it to be a YELLOW jeep, as those are B's favorite, but we had to settle for a green one. Regardless of the color, he loves it!

When he first got it, he'd get in, press the gas pedal, lurch forward, and then jump out!! This went on for several days and the poor lonely jeep would spend a lot of time outdoors not being driven. So, we parked it in the garage. One day, the three of us were in the garage, Mike and I were talking. Next thing we know, Bradyn is in the jeep with the pedal to the metal backing up and almost ran me over. I got out of the way in time, but my car was behind me...near miss! No damage, luckily! We hurried and switched it to forward instead of reverse and he was off! Down the driveway, over the rock bed, through the grass, and into the fence! No more lurching forward and stopping I he throws the pedal down and goes!

Other moments with the jeep have been fun, like experimenting where you sit...he's sat on the roof and with Mama's distaste...standing on the roof!! He also likes to feel the wheels when he drives.

My favorite moment though, happened yesterday. He had driven the jeep to the side yard, stopped, and just sat there! Impatient Mama wanted him to get a move on it and get back to the backyard. After much prodding I said, "Give it some gas, let's go". Next thing, I know he gets out of the jeep and starts pulling at the grass. I said, "What are you doing?" and he said "Gas, gas." Then he throws some grass into the jeep and then jumps in and takes off. It took me a few seconds, but then I realized what he was doing...I said to "give it some gas" and that is how he says grass - gas, since he can't say the r sound yet. So, he "gave it some gas"! If only gas were that cheap!