Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bradyn Loves the "Chicks"

We hatched 12 baby chicks in my classroom, so I was so excited to take Bradyn to see them! Here was his first response:

Then the next response:

This lasted all of 5 seconds...then he was off and running around my classroom. He finally decided to make his way back to the chirping sounds...

He decided that he REALLY liked the chicks. He liked them so much he just had to kiss them! Mama and Papa had to supervise, as Bradyn's love is very "enthusiastic"!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Daycare Battle Wounds

Aside from the daily heartbreak from being left at daycare, Bradyn endured other wounds! One day he was scratched by another child because he wanted the toy Brady was playing with. He didn't put up with the scratching though, apparently he pushed the boy back. The next day, Bradyn took a toy from another boy and the boy bit Brady on the arm!! It left a pretty good bruise. I was excited to get a picture of Brady in his St. Patrick's Day outfit when I picked him up, but he was wearing his backup clothes that were black sweatpants and a white shirt. It seems that Brady had too many St. Patrick's Day goodies and he had a blowout in his diaper! So much for the cute picture and the St. Patrick's Day post on the blog! Finally the weekend came and you think the little guy could get some rest and relaxation in his safe home...but no, he fell and hit his ear on the corner of a side table. So, he has a black and blue ear. Then he scraped the back of his leg while trying to climb down the side of our deck. Poor little guy! He did get lots of extra love and attention though because he met his Great Uncle Dan and cousin Abbie, who he fell in love with! Uncle Dan and Abbie got Bradyn some new Air Jordan shoes so he can show the kids at the daycare who is Boss! Hopefully next week will be free of injuries!

Bradyn is also very excited about mealtimes because he is know sitting in the big boy chair at the dinner table.

Friday, March 13, 2009


We're going home?!

There's our car!!

Let's get out of here!!

You can tell from the pictures that Bradyn survived his first trial week of daycare!! He had a much better day today!! He even let them take his shirt off for lunch. He seems to be settling into daycare...just in time for the weekend. So, we'll have to start over on Monday!! In the meantime, we've got one happy camper that loves to be home!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

No Poopka for the Daycare

Well, Bradyn has survived another 2 days at daycare. Day 3 was great...Day 4 not so great! On Day 3 he cried for about 10 minutes and was fine after that. The daycare made a big mistake of telling me that I can call as often as I'd like...and I did! They thought it would be best if I left him for as long as possible to help him get in the routine of things. I guess he did fine, but I didn't! I was a mess...I didn't know what to do with myself, so I resorted to shopping and chocolate (the two things I knew best in my Pre-Bradyn days). It wasn't very fun shopping though because I was so worried about Brady. When I went to pick him up yesterday, the daycare was having a fire drill. Of course I panicked thinking he was freaking out, and then I saw him walking out, holding his teacher's hand. He looked so cute! Once we got home, he immediately went to the fridge and pointed to it. We had quite the hefty little snack and when he was done, he filled his shorts...not once but twice! It seems that he doesn't want to go poopka at the daycare.

Today was a rough day. When I was taking him there, he did great, almost seemed excited. But, when I left he supposedely cried off and on for an hour! Ugh! I kept him there through naptime again and the teacher said he was doing much better after awhile. She said that he ate 2 plates of food! They did sensory time again, but this time they didn't go to the scary tactile room...they stayed in his room. She let them play with shaving cream and she said he LOVED it. He kept signing and saying "more, more". When she was done she was wiping the table off and he came over with his blanket and helped her wipe off the table (using his blankie). He's such a good helper! He was relieved to be home again (literally and figuratively). He had 2 poopka diapers for me within the hour! As we were leaving today, we walked down the hallway and the teachers would all say "Good-bye Bradyn". He wouldn't do or say anything. Then we got outside and some random lady was walking by and Brady said "Bye-Bye". I guess he wanted to make sure we were really leaving before he said his good-byes. Only one more day left and then I start full-time next week. I have applied to the district to see if I can jobshare with another teacher for next year and go part time. Waiting to hear if it has been approved....keep your fingers crossed!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day 2 Daycare Trial Run...

Well, we stayed a little longer at daycare today. I stayed with him for an hour and then left for about 1/2 an hour. The teachers told me he did well, but then they took him down to the sensory room and he was not too happy about that. The sensory room is a big room with a drain and the kids get to do fun tactile activities, like play with rice, beans, whipping cream, water, etc. The kids dress down to diapers and then have fun. Today was rice day and I thought Bradyn may have liked that because he loves playing with rice at home. Unfortunately, I think it may have reminded him of bath time at the baby home and he cried uncontrollably. Luckily, I had come back during that time and was able to calm him down. We then stayed until lunch time. That didn't go over so well either. He kept getting bites of broccoli and carrots and his taste is just like Papa's...NO VEGGIES! So, we ended up eating another lunch at home. He does enjoy playing with the toys and enjoys the other kids. The other kids were all concerned about Bradyn and kept bringing him his Mickey Mouse toy. He even gave his teacher a hug goodbye today. So, hopefully tomorrow will continue to get easier.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Thank Goodness for Girl Scouts...

Thank goodness for girl scouts because they deliver girl scout cookies and I consumed A LOT of them today! Why did I consume so many cookies? Stress!! Today was Bradyn's first day of daycare. I start back to work full time next week, but I wanted to slowly transition Bradyn into daycare this week. We went to daycare together and I played with him for about half an hour. He was doing great and having fun with his new friends and teacher. I went down to the office to pay and give him some independent time. When I came back he did great!! So, I figured, well, I will give him a little more time and I went out and sat in my car. I was probably gone for 15 minutes. When I came back in, I heard him crying. The teacher said that he noticed my purse was gone and he couldn't stop crying and looking for me. Yes, my heart broke! So, Bradyn and I returned home after our very short visit to the daycare. I know it will get easier for him as time goes by, but I wonder if it will get easier for me. The good news is that I know Bradyn is attaching to me, otherwise he wouldn't have been so upset. The bad news is that I will most likely gain a lot of weight from all those cookies!