Thursday, April 24, 2008


Looks like I have been tagged...

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Hmmm...quirky things about me?
1. I eat everything with chopsticks, everything! If I use a fork, I will inevitably spill food on myself or chase food all over my plate with that weird metal thing. So, chopsticks for me, please!

2. I must have lotion on my hands at all times! When I wash my hands, I must immediately put lotion on.

3. My closet has to have everything sorted by sleeve length, then color. My sister claims that I used to measure the width between my hangers so everything was spaced the same distance. (I adamantly deny this...but it is a good idea, maybe I'll try it!)

4. I am a klutz...if I don't trip while walking, then I will inevitably drop or break something. Usually it will be my car keys- every single time I go to unlock my car door.

5. I have a very interesting memory...I can't tell you how much I get paid or how many years I've been teaching, but I can tell you exactly where some random item is or what someone wore 3 weeks ago.


6. I love t.v. so much, that sometimes I blur the lines of reality. Yes...talking about Michael Scott as though he were not a character on The Office, but a family member of mine.

Yikes...I guess I am pretty quirky!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Nothing new to report, so instead we'll answer some of those burning Frequently Asked Questions you may have:

When will you get your baby?
First we have to get a referral from our agency. Once we accept the referral, we will travel 2-4 weeks after that call. We meet the baby, then come home. Then we wait for a court date. Waiting for a court date could be anywhere from 2-6 months. After we receive a court date, we travel back to Russia, go to court...if the court allows, then the baby is ours.

What is a referral?
Russia identifies a child that is ready for adoption and notifies our agency. Our agency looks at their "list" of people that are ready to adopt and matches the child with the first person on their list. If it matches that person's request...then that person gets a phone call about the child (aka referral).

What happens when you get a referral?
We will get some basic medical information that the Baby Home has written about the child and a couple of pictures. We send that information to our IA doctor and they give us their analysis. If we agree with the doctor that it is a healthy referral, we call our agency and let them know we accept.

What is an IA doctor?
International Adoption Doctor...they specialize in children that are adopted internationally. International adoption specialists are aware of medical concerns and diagnoses that children in Baby Homes (orphanages) may have, that pediatricians aren't used to seeing. Not only do they provide support prior to, and during the adoption, but support post adoption, as well. Our doctor is Dr. Bledsoe in Washington.

How old will your baby be?
Russia does not allow any children under 6 months to be adopted. So, we requested a child between 6-18 months. However, if we received a referral for a baby that is 18 months old...he would be older than that by the time he comes home because of the time that lapses while waiting for a court date.

Why Russia?
Many reasons, but one of the main reasons is that we really want a boy and Russia has more boys available for adoption than girls.

How long will you be in Russia?
The first trip will be approximately 5-8 days. The second trip will be longer, as we are required to stay in Russia for 10 days after we have our court date. Once the 10 day wait is done, we have to travel to Moscow to take care of paperwork at the Embassy. So, considering we will need to arrive before the court date, and then traveling to Moscow afterwards it could be about 3 weeks.

Why the wait?
In a nut shell...Russia allows children to be adopted by Russians and then the remaining children are available to be adopted by agencies worldwide. Each agency gets referrals, and there are many people wanting referrals. Add in the paperwork process, as well as the court proceedings, and you have a considerable wait.

Feel free to ask us questions, if there is something we didn't address.