Sunday, June 20, 2010

Golfing with Papa for Father's Day

Bradyn's first golf outing. 

Putting on the green.
Sinking his putt.
 Bradyn had a great day celebrating his Papa!  He started the day by making Papa breakfast...well, he tried to help, but got distracted and Mama had to finish.  Then he gave Papa his presents (which he had already told Papa what they were 3 days ago).  He "helped" papa screw some screws with the power drill.  Then it was off to golf.  He had a blast, he is quite a good little golfer! 
   I'm always in awe at the relationship these two have.  Bradyn adores Mike and vice versa.  They definitely have something special and sometimes they are in their own little "Bradyn and Papa" world laughing about some silly thing!  Bradyn doesn't need a "designated day" to let Papa know that he loves him....he lets him know that everyday. 


Anonymous said...

what a wonderful way to spend a special day....Brady and Mike are both very lucky to have each other.
Brady has brought so much joy and happiness to so many lives.....Love him very much.....actually love all three glad your day was tops.....Love Grandma & Grandpa Taresh...XOXOXOXOXOXO

Anonymous said...

By the way, Love the pictures, our little golfer looks like a out McDowell or whatever his name is......
Love ya G&G Taresh

Thomas and Marissa said...

Heidi, this may be the cutest post I've seen on a blog for awhile! Bradyn is absolutely adorable in his golf gear! Hope you guys enjoyed celebrating Father's Day!

Anonymous said...

you can tell he is a daddys boy we love the photos love aunt shelia uncle kevin

Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi,

I am not sure if you remember us. This is Judi and Tom Webb, our son Max was in Michelles class for first grade, and Max had you for reading, many long years ago! We were just talking about all the teachers Max has had at Sunnyside, and thought we should look for you, and here you are!

Max just graduated 8th grade from Sunnyside, and we are always thankful for the great teachers he had there. We really remember his early days there very fondly. I have a great photo of you and Michelle from a "twins day" also!

Our younger son Franklin is entering 5th grade at Sunnyside this year.

I am so thrilled to see your family! Bradyn is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations to you and mike!

We are finally enjoying a liitle summer here in Oregon! Hope all is well, and it looks like it is!

Judi Webb